Monthly Archives: March 2017

I lived down south for a while and an observation led me to discover one of the best secrets ever, how to repel flies from areas where food is. The technique is mind-boggling easy to create so you can quickly discover whether or not this is real – or is it a gimmick. This Discovery includes two very important elements to produce the desired effects, and both are relatively easily available and close to free as the literal term exists: H2O and Copper. How does this work? Magic. Seriously, that’s the explanation, next to a bizarre disorientation theory. So you take a 1/2 gallon plastic zip baggie, 1 quart water, 1 penny. Place water and penny in the baggie, zip tight and hang it over, or in very close proximity to where you have food. You may also place a regular baggie with smaller amount of water and hang over an entrance door and it’ll repel the flies too. Many people also use the 1 gallon baggies and add a little more water, 1 penny, and tie it above outdoor bars, restaurants, hanging from your picnic umbrella. Just so as long as you have the right ingredients, the options are limitless. So I hope you learned something useful and found an idea you can share with others, and most importantly, chase away the flies for good.