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Welcome to the Blog and Feedback site for my amazing new product called “The FlyChaser”, now available temporarily for free – after a very small shipping and handling fee. It’s a “No Fly Zone” that is the goal of the FlyChaser, the worlds first product to get rid of flies not by chemicals, or ultrasonic sounds, but through “Visual Treatchory”. You can rest assured that what you might discover about the FlyChaser it that it defies all common principles behind pest eradication. The FlyChaser tackles one of the most aggrevating, annoying and grimey disease carrying insects on earth: The Housefly. They seem to be everywhere, and appear when they are least wanted. The FlyChaser product is an innovative and environmentally safe product that is easy to set-up, and will work in a myriad of setting. Indoors and outdoors, residential, commercial or institutionally. The FlyChaser disorients it’s principal “client” the House Fly; whereas most if not all anti-fly products  on the market today use some sort of ingredient to attract and kill the dreaded fly. The FlyChaser does the exact opposite – it chases them away. When creating the FlyChaser I did not want to crawl in the minefield of Borax and Fly strip competition and other insect repellants. That market is profoundly toxic. I created a brand new product called the FlyChaser. It is simple and it works. Can I guarantee that it will never allow a House Fly to penetrate it’s force field, No – but I can bet that very few ever come near the FlyChaser. We’re going to add testimonials and the best locations to install your FlyChaser. Above a Bar, in a Restaurant, over the picnic table, over your back door, above Fido’s food… and so on. The FlyChaser will amaze the most scientific skeptics, and to them all I can say is – try it – you might discover that in life, a little water is a little magic to us humans.